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About UNWP

The Blue Print of the UNWP Pathway

The Utah Neurodiversity Workforce Program (UNWP) is leading the way towards enhancing Utah's workforce with neurodiversity. The UNWP is funded by the Utah Talent Ready Grant as part of an initiative to develop an academic-employment model pathway to enhance the higher education success and employment outcome for neurodiverse individuals. In collaboration with academic, community and industry partners, we are increasing awareness, opportunities, and support in Utah's higher education and STEM industries for Utah's neurodiverse population.


State-wide UNWP Expansion

A consortium of higher education partnerships including the University of Utah, Utah State University, Utah Valley University and Dixie State University has resulted in the UNWP model pathway being implemented across the state of Utah. These academic institutions function as ‘hubs’ with broad reach extending to high schools, technical and community colleges, community and industry partnerships within their regions in urban and rural areas of Utah. Successful post-secondary achievement and employment of talent ready, innovative, neurodiverse individuals is providing a competitive advantage to Utah Industry with educated skilled graduates in our home state.




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Last Updated: 4/12/21